Enjoy Terradets

In Pallars Jussà (Catalan Pre-Pyrenees), on the north side of Montsec where Barcedana stream merges with Noguera Pallaresa river nourishing Terradets lake, there's a secret & fab spot, a privileged, almost virgin, not touristic place, full of telluric energies. 

With the arrival of spring, nature shows its exuberance: bats, snakes, lizards, frogs, butterflies, birds, flowers, buds ... The landscape becomes green again. The garden begins to grow. It's time to enjoy outdoors, breathing purity, sunbathing, walking through the woods along the tracks of wild boars, going upriver or deep into the caves, swimming in the waterfall, climbing to the top of the mountain, visiting abandoned villages, gazing at the stars... All seasons are favourable to enjoy it.

COACHING. We would share this with you beyond words. We can be your personal travel guider, teaching the secrets I discovered, accompanying you in the search for your personal growth path. Individually or in small groups, you can come to spend a day or a weekend. We have a comfortable house and we adapt ourselves to your interests and needs. Do you want to know an intact region and an alternative lifestyle, away from the city and the crisis? You are invited. 

Further information: 617 029 360

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